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USFJ Base Network Union Objective

The Base Network Union was established on April 15, 2008 as a 21st century type union, as we felt doubts on the activities of existing labor unions. We all work in the frontline of Japan’s Security Treaty.

Based on common values and interests, Japan and the United States have a relationship to furnish mutual cooperation and assistance in politics, economy, and the Treaty of Mutual Cooperation and Security. U.S. Japan Alliance is very critical in peacekeeping of Japan, and the stability of Asian-Pacific region. As employees of the U.S. Forces in Japan, we are proud to be in a position to contribute to the US-Japan Security Treaty and the peace of the Asian-Pacific region. The perimeter of the world’s security, the economy, and the working environment have changed drastically in the past few years due to the war with terror. Consequently, U.S. military transformation and reformation of the Japanese national public servants have brought changes to our workplaces. As the burden sharing of the US-Japan alliance is changing, the magnitude of the roles of each country will shift. Employees (labor unions) will be exposed to these changes and be expected to cope with these changes. Nonetheless, certain media and organizations have intentionally twisted around the facts and disseminated incorrect information in an attempt to create a crack in the US-Japan alliance. The misinformed public will be misled to the wrong direction. As employees of the U.S Forces in Japan, we are directly associated with the alliance; if we don’t step forward and speak up, we will not be able to secure our workplace and employment. We, the BNU, have concluded that this is the time to carry out our responsibility as labor union. The BNU activities are based on the principle of employee-management cooperation.

In order to endure stable employment and enhance the working conditions, we make every effort to create a workplace where employees can take pride in. Labor unions today are required to accurately grasp the challenges, and explore several possibilities to face those challenges and take flexible approaches to solve the issues. The fundamental standpoint of a labor activity is to share common values and support each other. By enhancing communication, the bond will become stronger and everyone can work together. BNU aims on an operation where employees with different background respect each other, celebrate the differences, offer help to each other, and share our goals and reach the goal together. The executive members of BNU will actively work on reaching our goals with the support and understanding of the members of the union.

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